Pastor Bob Coutts

It is a delight to be serving here at Faith Baptist Church. Our God, who is all seeing, all wise and in all places, has created humankind for himself. We all have a stamp, or an unseen mark, called the ‘image of God’ in us. This is why we all have a propensity for satisfaction, security and significance. We actually long for God, yet often don’t find him. Our longings for these things are too often met in other, lesser things. That’s why we continue to be dissatisfied with life, or feel insecure and lack significance. The truth of the matter is that no one of these longings can be met in anything or anyone other than God, who alone can meet the desperate need of every heart. 
Here at Faith, week after week, we proclaim the truth of God’s authoritative Word which reminds us of our need of Him. He made us for himself, and so our hearts are restless until we find our solace in Him. 
We would invite you to join with us on a journey of faith – faith in this God who has also revealed himself in the person of Jesus Christ. Come and find your solace in Him!