Faith Baptist Church began in 1937 as a group of believers met for fellowship and encouragement. Originally the church was called Mount Forest Gospel Tabernacle and met in the Carnegie Hall on Main Street from 1937 until 1948. Then it met in the former Tanner home on Queen Street in May of 1948. Following that, on November 8, 1953, it moved to Birmingham Street. In 1979 an addition was built on the west side of the original building with a new entrance, foyer, gym and kitchen.
Now, as of 2010, Faith Baptist Church has begun its new journey at the corner of King St. E. and London Road. 

Over the years Faith Baptist Church has had a strong interest in Missions. There are several full time missionaries who grew up in the church and are now serving in various places. Faith Baptist is affiliated with the Fellowship of Evangelical Baptists in Canada (